BL Tech pro (Paid) signal service

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

-BL Tech Pro is a team of 11 professionals with 10 years of experience in the financial market.

Our determination is to help Forex traders to trade successfully in the market. Our expertise team analyses market 24/7 and concern with clients satisfaction.

–  Free signal:  Free signal is mainly for small take profit ,here is high risk reward ratio. This signal is mainly valid in 12-40 pips max/trade. Users missed this signal most of the time because of this small pips and the time taken to transfer signal by server.

VIP signal: VIP signal has long take profit, low risk reward ratio. This signal valid in 50-300 pips. Traders never missed this signal because of high speed network and instant delivery .Our team show trade screenshot and result of analysis that’s why traders easily can realize the market and ensure about the authenticity of our analysis.

– From VIP signal you will get:

*3-5 Premium signals everyday.

* Daily Analysis

* News Updates

* One on One Consultancy

* Help with Money Management

* 85-90% Accuracy Rate

– Daily 1-200 pips and monthly 2k-3k pips.

-Depending on market movement condition one signal may be valid till 1 day to 7days sometimes more than that.

– VIP signal is available only in Telegram private channel named “BL Tech pro (Paid) channel”.

– After completing payment you have to contact us with payment proof.After that we will  share our private channel link to you.

– We give VIP signal on three session:

1.Asia session.2.London session.3.US session

-No,there is no such way to verify VIP signal.But you can try our free signal from our apps available in play store named “ Forex signal live buy/sell” and ‘Today forex signal”

-Lifetime signals means

The duration of a lifetime subscription is 10 years

will will provide you this vip signal and analysis,

And you don’t have to pay for it again and again

-our success rate is 85-90%.But forex market  is unstable and unpredictable always.

 That’s why we never give anyone  any pips guarantee. By following our signal everybody can make profit but nobody can give accurate guarantee.

We believe that if any signal provider give 100% guarantee about profit and pips they are definitely fake.If you ever used our free signal apps from play store

you can be assure about our performance and authenticity.

Thank you.

-our payment methods are Neteller , Skrill ,Perfect money,Bitcoin,paypal,visa/master card,western union.

There are 3 ways of making money from Forex.

  1. Analysing the markets for years and trading yourself.
  2. Coping trades of expert traders who have been successful in the market.

3.Use Expert advisor(Forex robot) for trading

For beginners, the 2nd way is the best way to earn instantly. This is called following signals. To follow signals, you have to learn about a few things first. Here’s the list –

  • What is Forex?
  • What is a Pip?
  • What is Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP)
  • What are Instant Execution Order, Limit Order and Stop Order.
  • What is a lot size/volume?
  • Which trading platform to use (Our Recommendation is MT4)
  • How to open, close and modify an order?
  • Which broker to use? (Our recommendation is Exness)

After you have learned all of these above, you’re all set to get started and making money with our signals.

SL ➡️ Stop Loss

TP ➡️ Take Profit

BE ➡️ Breakeven

Move SL to breakeven / Set breakeven / Move SL to Entry

➡️ When we say one of these phrases, change your Stop Loss to your Entry Price.

For example, If our entry price is 1.1254, select ‘Modify Order’ in Mt4 and put your Stop loss 1.1254.

Advantage of doing this : Now even if the price hits our stop loss, we have NO LOSS. By doing this, you can protect your capital much better. We do this when our trade is in 35-50 pips profit.

Close Half / Close Half Lot

➡️ This means closing half of your order (taking half of the profit). You can not do this if your lot size is 0.01.

Advantages of doing this : When we’re in 35-50 pips profit, we do this. And let rest of the trade run. So that, we confirm some profit.

BL Tech pro