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How to use?

Our Free forex signals are sent in two ways 2 target points and 3 target points.

You can use our free signals in two ways

One target point use

Multiple target point

1 How to Trade Using 1 Target Point

example: Your trading lot 0.06 you will open 1 trade 0.06 lot size set stoploss and set takeprofit 3 when the market reaches takeprofit 1 price then you will close 0.03 lot and break-even activate when the market reaches takeprofit 2 price you will close another 0.02 lot When reach the market takeprofit 3 your trade will be closed automatically and if the market returns then your trade will be closed automatically because your trade break even is activated

2 How to Trade Using Multiple Target point

Example Our Signal 2 Target Point,Your Trading Lot 0.06 You will open 2 trades of 0.03 Lot size and our Signal 3 Target Point you will open 3 trades of 0.02 Lot size. The first trade target take profit 1 second trade target take profit 2 and third trade target take profit 3, Your first trade will automatically close when the market reaches the first target point. the remaining two trades break even Activate and wait for take profit 2 and take profit 3. If the market returns, your trades will close automatically Because Break Even has to be activated and the signal will expire.

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